Community Engagement Capital Programme

Every year Yorkshire Water invests millions of pounds maintaining and improving the region’s water and sewerage services.

To promote the benefits of this investment and ensure it is delivered in a way that minimises the impact on local communities, we have team dedicated to community engagement.

The Community Engagement Team works closely with the business and its contractors, providing insight and advice on local communities and the likely impact proposed work may have on the people who live there.

We use a range of different techniques to communicate with our audiences which include customers, environmental groups, the media, councillors and a range of other interested parties.

These techniques include press releases, newsletters, community liaison panels, advertising, website updates, e-newsletters, social media (such as Facebook and Twitter), direct mail, signage, sponsorship, public drop-ins, stakeholder events and photography.

We measure the impact of our communications and investment in a number of ways including customer research, analysis of the media coverage and the ‘share and sentiment’ of our online communications.