Water is literally everywhere – it makes up over half of our body weight and is even found in food such as tomatoes and cucumbers.

It's a fascinating subject for children and adults of all ages – for instance did you know that millions of years ago dinosaurs may have drunk the same water we're using today?

We offer an education programme aimed at customers aged 7 to 70! From visiting our clean water treatment works to speakers talking to local community groups - we have lots of opportunities for customers to see and hear first hand about our work. We also have a range of resources available to support teaching in schools, and to engage children in our outside recreational spaces.

Our Education pages on the Yorkshire Water website have been designed for teachers and learners to help them understand key elements of the National Curriculum, including the water cycle, renewable energy and water conservation.

We provided 195 different sessions for schools and community groups to visit our education centres in 2016/17 – providing 5098 tour opportunities at clean and waste water treatment works. In the past 12 months we have worked towards opening centres at Ewden WTW and Tophill Low Nature Reserve and these have been taking visits since May 2017. All our education centres are 'Learning Outside The Classroom' accredited.

We also provided 25 classroom packs of our 'The Green Classroom' resource - a total of 948 booklets, and delivered outreach on our capital programme to 16 schools reaching 588 young people.

During 2016/17 our volunteer speakers attended 98 events, reaching an audience of over 6318 customers and 41 schools.


Customer engagement campaigns

Course it’s better (water quality):

Our ‘Course it’s better’ campaign was launched in December 2016 to increase customer engagement and customer perception of the Yorkshire Water brand. The campaign was based on the quality of our water and how proud we are of it. From the social media accounts and correspondence, we have with customers, we know that the taste of the water is one of the attributes people in Yorkshire are proud of. We wanted to share this pride by creating a fun, entertaining and engaging campaign. The tag line for the campaign was ‘Yorkshire Water – course it’s better’. We used the tag line over the festive period and ran a series of fun competitions online. We then launched our video for Course it’s better in January 2017 and it went viral with 2,833,766 views and interactions 43,388 on social media. During the campaign, we had a stand at the key train stations in Yorkshire where we gave out over 7,000 bottles of water to commuters.


Water Saving:

We delivered a water saving campaign to increase awareness about water usage and how customers can reduce

the water they use. The campaigns also promoted the free water saving packs we provide to customers upon request. By the

end of the campaign over 33,000 water saving packs were ordered against a target of 27,000. The packs were promoted at

customer events over the summer, advertising in news papers and on social media and bills inserts / leaflets delivered to customer’s homes. 45 colleagues volunteered to promote water saving across 19 days at events and regional shows. Over 278,000 customers had the opportunity to see us and engage us at these events across the summer.