Our Commitment to our Customers

We take great pride in our customer service, aiming to provide an outstanding quality of service, value for money and consider customers' points of views at all times.

Customer satisfaction is important to us and we regularly monitor this through a customer telephone survey which is carried out on a monthly basis. We regularly review feedback and make the necessary improvements to ensure we are continually improving satisfaction. Ofwat, our regulator, also compares our scores with other water companies.

Our Yorkshire Water customers can find out more about our commitment to them, through our website at:


Our Code of Practice sets out information about our services and our promises to our Yorkshire Water customers. These documents provide help and advice with queries, problems and complaints and are reviewed every three years. The content is approved by Ofwat. These can be found at:


Yorkshire Water’s customer charter sets out our commitment to meeting standards, how much you'll be refunded if we don't meet them, how to claim a payment and how you can complain. Standards are set out for written complaints, appointments, water quality, and interruptions to supply, sewer flooding, leaks, new supplies, meters, inconvenience and water shortages. The charter can be located at: