Our People and Culture

We strive to create a positive working environment for all our people. Creating a culture that aspires and support people leads to the best possible service for our clients. To ensure a better working environment for our people we:

• Protect the business and promote successful employee relations

• Attract, select and retain the best people

• Enhance business performance by maximising individual, team and organisational potential through skills development

• Ensure our people understand how they can make a difference and feel valued for their contribution

• Drive excellent standards and performance to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of all our people.

Learn more about our commitment to building a better working environment through our Workplace Management Targets and Outturns.


Our Workplace Management Targets and Outturns for 2015/16 were:

Workplace Management (15/16) Target Outturn
Employee Trust Score 7.0 7.2
Near Miss Incident Rate (NMIR) 973 1190
Leadership H&S Audits 300 317


Our Workplace Management Targets for 2016/17 are:

Workplace Management 2016/17 Target
Employee Trust Score 7.0
Near Miss Incident Rate (NMIR) 973
Leadership H&S Audits 300
Apprentices, Graduates, Trainees 58

Competency Framework - % of High Risk
Roles With A Competency Framework

Competency Framework - % of Colleagues
Competent in H&S
Progression Plans - % of Colleagues Measured
As Competent